[meta_description] => Top tips for choosing the best landscaping company for your home or business. Eremophila Nivea "Spring Mist" Eremophila punicea. [business_category_4] => Landscape Architect


Eremophila nivea 'Blue Velvet' (Emu Bush) Helpful articles.

Soft grey foliage Full sun to part sun position. Top tips for choosing the best landscaping company for your home or business. [id] => 7 Read this article to learn about some great winter flowering plants. Read this article to learn more.

[show_further_reading_section] => 1 Eremophila spectabilis. ( It is an improved form of E. nivea and often grafted on to a rootstock that copes with no more watering than once a fortnight. [article_category_2] =>  Eremophila nivea ‘Spring Mist’  2 m  Full s un   This highly ornamental upright evergreen shrub has silvery grey leaves and young stems. Adaptable plant suited to dry as well as moist well drained soils. [last_modified_date] => 2013-09-18 00:00:00 Find an architect, interior designer, expert tradesperson, landscaper, gardener, and many more home improvement experts. A beautiful white leaved shrub to approximately 3' with purple flowers, rare in its habitat.

[show_get_quotes_rhs_of_page] => 1 Eremophila nivea. Soft grey foliage Full sun to part sun position.

Flower colour: mauve purpleFlowering season: spring, Maximum height: 1.5 metresMinimum height: 1.2 metres, Maximum width: 1.5 metresMinimum width: 1.2 metres. [title] => Winter Flowering Plants for the Garden [checked_for_duplicate_content] =>

Read this article to learn about some great winter flowering plants. WILL GROW IN DAPPLED SHADE. and Here are tips to help you avoid blow-outs.

[number_of_ads] => 1 Eucalyptus - ‘Summer’ range are grafted, dwarf flowering gums; some only grow 3m high!

Eremophila nivea ‘Spring Mist’’ - Emu Bush is a grafted variety that grows to 1.2m tall. [show_facebook_widget] => 1 [business_category_1] => Landscaper [show_sponsors_section] => 0

[last_modified_date] => 2013-09-16 00:00:00 [business_category_2] => Garden Maintenance

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Use our handy, Read this set of articles and learn how to, Until 20 years Aussies played it safe when choosing their style of. [show_directory_search_widget] => Add to Cart. [is_published] => 1 [page_status] => Published Australian Native Plants. [article_category_4] => plants associated with that category. Wonder what your home is worth? [url] => /landscaping/choosing-a-landscaper.php

[url] => /landscaping/gabion-walls.php Prefers a well drained sunny position.

[show_facebook_widget] => [business_category_2] => Nursery [checked_for_duplicate_content] => [article_category_3] => Plant is not salt tolerant.

Casuarina glauca - ‘Cousin It’ is a groundcover version of the She Oak.


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