to help give you the best experience we can. So I added tiny fangs to make it a vampire baby. Take a plastic bag and cover the doll's head and hair to protect it from the paint. bellquist has uploaded 2 photos to Flickr. Simple, straightforward, no frills. They eventually manage to get rid of the doll by dumping it somewhere secure where it cannot get out. After a few of these the doll then reappears to attack again. For professional use only. By popular request, here's a quick tutorial for my Creepy Doll Mobile! Each article includes step-by-step instructions and original process photos. Because I have a metric ton of broken dolls & doll parts to use up from my doll-repairing mother-in-law. | eBay! Do you want your lawn or garden to reflect your dedication to the forces of darkness, the TRV KVLT, the profane and unholy? halloweencrafts - Posts tagged seeing things, Altered Antique Plates, Assemblage Sculptures and Mixed Media Portraits by Angela Rossi, Discover, Share, Buy and Sell Art Online. A lurker of the night and in the dreams of the squeamish. Goth baby. £29.24. I had this vision of a crystal ball filled with swirling smoke and a ghostly image appearing inside it. Very impressive. When preparing for any party, I love stopping by the thrift store to see if there are any great props I can pick up that would add to the decor without breaking the bank. Free delivery for many products! “etc… Luckily a lot …, HELD 4 MJ UNTIL 01/31/2015 (Attempted purchase by anyone else will not be honored until after 01/31/2015) Thank you "The Blind Prince"Created in the studios of Salvage Artist L. Cerrito. If this lamp is not creepy I don't know what is.... body parts, creepy, doll heads, doll parts, dolls, heads. Halloween How To - DIY Creepy Doll #DIYCreepyDoll #GothBabyDoll #VampireDoll, Halloween How To: DIY Crystal Ball with Swirling Mist, Carving Fun-kin Pumpkins For the First Time, Color Changing Crystal Ball and Crystal Ball Candlesticks, Halloween DIY Goth Skull and Roses on a Coffin, DIY Feathered Costume Creation - Black Magic Voodoo Queen, Easy Zombie Makeup for Kids with Sensory Issues, Halloween How-To: Transforming Old Clothes Into New Costumes, My Costume Secret - Have a Variety of Pieces to Mix and Match, My Favorite and Most Used Costumes Over the Years, Honoring the Dead- Death Holidays Around the World, An Ancient Curse, a Mythical Battle, Native American Burial Grounds, and Bodies Left Behind, Death and the City: A Haunted Flint Presentation, Fenton Seminary - The Spookiest Place I Ever Visited, Henderson Castle One of Michigan’s Most Haunted Locations, Sensitivity and Ghostly Encounters, New Theories on Hauntings and More, Share Your Tales of Spooky Encounters and Haunted Locations, The Travel Channel’s The Dead Files in Flint, A Christmas Tarot: Ghosts of Past, Present, and Future Cards, Halloween Divination- Tarot and Oracle Cards, The Queen of Swords: The Snow Queen of the Tarot, The Tarot's Hanged Man: More than Meets the Eye. But then I had the opportunity to grab these dolls along with their brass bed and cradle all for just $2.00. Supplies to make your own Halloween horror dolls are SUPER cheap.
DIY Creepy Doll Creation by Allison Cawley Vayda, Oct 23 2015.

DIY Christmas Photo Booth Frame with Sizzix, Acryllic Paint (green, white, red, & black), Porcelain Dolls  (I found mine 1.5 months before Halloween @ the Goodwill), Cheap Wooden Board  (...Really something to just lay the dyed fabric out to dry).
Halloween prop DIY by October Pun'kin aka punkineater. He's turned on very easil-- ew it's…. Me, not so much (I'm not really a fan of dolls at all) but I sure had a lot of fun making this one into a spooky Goth vampire baby. Cold connections.

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