Darnell Nurse. To me, seeing that Nurse will face a hearing for the fight Polak beatdown wasn’t really all that much of a surprise. That's hockey #SorryMa pic.twitter.com/oeYJg6FgfV. Darnell Nurse’s smile took a serious hit on Thursday night.

2/2 opponent who is in a defenseless position or who is an unwillingcombatant. Any player in any Sport who beats a defensless player is committing an Assault. The Edmonton Oilers blue-liner was caught with a high stick from St. Louis Blues forward Scottie Upshall in the Oil’s 3-2 victory, which severely damaged his upper teeth. It’s not fair, but this is the NHL, not a gym class, and I think we’ve seen lots of evidence that other teams are getting away with plenty against the Oilers. Yeah the kid being Rasmus Anderson and then Hunter Smith a few games later tried to take “Retribution” and Nurse cut him open too.

When a guy turtles with his gloves on, the fight is done. After the contest, Nurse acknowledged the play and admitted he felt like a combination of Dumb & Dumber’s Lloyd Christmas and teammate Zack Kassian. Nurse is a wild bully. Darnell Nurse’s smile took a serious hit on Thursday night. Matt Hendricks has stepped up a lot for his Oilers teammates. One of the craziest rumours in the NHL doesn't actually sound so crazy. I hope Luke Gazdic was taking notes.

what nobody is talking about is how dominant Darnell has been in his fights.

He was suspended for 5 games for a pretty nasty hit on a guy celebrating his goal in juniors. — Jason Gregor (@JasonGregor) March 9, 2016, — Matt Henderson (@Archaeologuy) March 9, 2016. Frankly, the Oilers need more players like Nurse. I have not heard or seen the name Roman Polak in a while. Share on Facebook. Too bad Regher retired. Heads up if you f#ck up. League discipline is a joke. I’ve been reading your comments and finally had enough of you. Just like if he goes down on the ice, you stop. It was worth every minute.”). Remember when Nurse fought your precious Lames players. I’ve always said that you hope the meanest and craziest SOB on the ice is on your team and I think the Oilers should have some comfort knowing that this is likely the case with Nurse in the line up. I’d rather have people b!tching about the Oilers being too mean than standing there with their thumbs up their bu++s! I like it!

Anybody who has played the game understands it’s more than just cheap shots that can set a guy off. — NHL Player Safety (@NHLPlayerSafety) March 9, 2016, Rule 46.2 The aggressor in an altercation shall be the player whocontinues to throw punches in an attempt to inflict punishment on his1/2.

Athlete. . Getting your teeth mangled is a part of the game, and a potential issue players must be weary of during their time in the league. Boy is darryl a monster. Where things get interesting is the coming suspension.

Nurse standing up for Hendricks, a guy who always does that for his teammates, is a welcome sight. They need more guys that are willing to pay the price for the team.

#mean, — Dustin Nielson (@nielsonTSN1260) March 9, 2016. For people who don’t understand that, there’s always non-contact sports like Tennis or Golf… Hope you enjoy them. They need more guys that aren’t okay with flybys and stick checks. Or Hall too for that matter? It’s nice to see that with guys like kassian maroon and nurse in the lineup, maybe the culture around this team can change.

Darnell Nurse (born February 4, 1995) is a Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman and alternate captain for the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League (NHL). Felt like a nice mix of Lloyd Christmas and @zkass09 the last 18 hours... Dentist time, A post shared by Darnell Nurse (@drtwofive) on Dec 22, 2017 at 11:52am PST.

Maybe it makes sense for a staged fight off of a faceoff but not for an accountability fight. Darnell Nurse is one of those guys, and I don’t care if he gets suspended for beating up an opponent that really wanted no part of him. Darnell Nurse is a Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman.

You can be a Lucic or Polak.

The information you requested is not available at this time, please check back again soon. Unfortunately, ol’ Darryl probably didn’t see the replay of Matt Hendricks catching an edge before crashing into the boards, and Roman Polak’s face paid the price. The fact that he’s even up for a hearing shows you everything that’s wrong with the NHL – and why all the great young stars keep getting sucker-punched and have to suffer cheap shots throughout their careers…. }}. 82 likes.

To be perfectly fair to Nurse here I have absolutely no doubt that he was including himself in these comments, but the reaction from fans to that comment were vitriolic to say the least. Seeing as how Nurse wasn’t given an iPad to review the play, his perception justified the defense of a teammate. He is one of the few Oilers that never needs an invitation to jump into a melee. View the profiles of people named Darnell Nurse.

Even if Polak didn’t actually do anything to Hendo, Nurse was sticking up for a teammate. Dirty or careless plays deserve retribution. Nurse landed one right on Polak’s beak right off the start and he was screwed from there. Seriously – he doesn’t just get in there and grab the jersey, he has exceptional punch timing and accuracy.

I guess my point is that Nurse had some time to think about it. He’d probably get starched by Nurse but the kid’s got balls the size of melons. The hunger for someone, anyone, to stand up for each other on this team has clouded judgement. © Attraction Web Inc. - No copy of the content is permitted. And bullies have a limited set of outcomes to look forward to: a) the league punishes them, b) they meet a bigger bully and get taken out, c) they wise up and control the aggression. Obviously you’ve never played golf with Kramer.

I noticed Evander Kane looking like he wanted no business with Darryl when the kid got in his grill over the Draisaitl mistreatment. The responsible player is a bit short on excuses.Follow the Science To many head punches can seriously injure.More than 3 games should have been given.The NHL is involved with a law suit.Could it involve Concussions? That time the kid asked nurse to fight tho and then nurse showed him what a bad decision that was. Regardless! Only a few in Oiler National agree with you.It seems some may not of heard of Concussions. What can I say? This isn’t his first suspension from being over emotional. ago] Height 6.04 -- Weight 221 [193 cm/100 kg] Drafted by Edmonton Oilers - … !” I’d love to see more Oilers “Polak” the opposition! Sometimes the attitude of the other team can send someone off. At the end of last night’s game, Darnell Nurse took it upon himself to right a perceived wrong and made his best attempt to try and punch a hole clean through Roman Polak’s face.

I applaud Nurse, for all the reasons mentioned and additionally that he didn’t take no for an answer.

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