Matt is the primary author and owner of The Everyday Marksman. My main gripe w/ P07s (actually, all CZ polymers) is that they take different mags than cz75 series, including the P01. Thanks for reaching out! Thread Tools: Show Printable Version. I would rather the safety lever be a little more sculpted for that purpose. But so do two other pistols worth your attention: the Beretta PX4 Compact and HK P30. The Omega Trigger system allows the user to easily swap between a decocker or safety function. One is a modular holster from Tactical Tailor, which is mounted to one of my LBE rigs. Check out my affiliate disclosure page, which has a bit more information. Secondary gripe is polymer frames have unknown long-term durability, especially if subjected to heat, UV, ozone, shooting stresses, etc — and polymer is hard to repair… Separately, the only P01 I’d consider buying that doesn’t use a similar Omega system to the P07 would the the ODG NATO/NSN marked gun for collectible reasons. I carry a CZ 75D PCR where the practicality of a decocker is more important than a slightly better out of the box trigger feel. The, goal was taking the lessons learned from the P01 and PCR pistols and producing a modern polymer duty pistol with more reliability and functionality.

Had both but much preferred the P07 over the PCR. Cheaper than Dirt actually did a nice bit of history of what comes next, but I’ll hit the highlights for you. I’ve only handled them a few times. These compact pistols also large enough to fulfill the role of home defense gun. Comparing the standard factory models of each gun - no special editions or custom models - here's how they break down: These guns are not the smallest and considerably more significant in size than popular carry guns like the Sig Sauer P365 and Springfield Armory Hellcat. Under Soviet control, Warsaw Pact nations all used Tokarev and Makarov pistols, and nothing was chambered in the “Western” 9×19 Luger. It's hard to bet against it.

I really do think this feels like a bit of a “cheap out” option. 75B. P07 won for me, hands down. František finished the design in 1975 and the CZ-75 was born. So far these guys have taken over a week to send me a fed ex sticker let me guess 6 weeks to get it back I have a po7 newer model it sucks still waiting on a sticker. The P01 was, and continues to be, a very successful pistol.

It’s also a viable defensive duty pistol, if not a little large.

The front of the grip feels more like traditional checkering, while the sides feel closer to skateboard grip tape. Did you look at the SIG SP2022?

The biggest drawback to the. I’ve been thinking of getting the CZ P07 for many of the same reasons you outline. The frame of the pistol is well stippled. So how do these numbers compare to other popular carry guns? Sure, I could get past it if I needed to, but I just didn’t want to. Been doing it for 2 years now and haven’t had any issues with feeding or anything else. July 11, 2020 at 7:46 pm.

However, there was another problem.


However, it may end up sitting after the honeymoon. More so than any other accessory .… Read more ». It’s a Series 2 example with the forward slide serrations and the other production improvements.

The obvious choice was to carry what I already owned. The front of the grip feels more like traditional checkering, while the sides feel closer to skateboard grip tape. Well as you said, they are both almost if I was going to choose, I'm going to buy the less expensive one. It did not feel at all like the one I rented two weeks before. Hey Jerry, thanks for commenting! They also included changeable grip back straps, simplified the internal workings of the pistol, and made the wear components beefier. But I couldn’t find the P01 or PCR in stock anywhere. Some of the many clones produced by other countries and companies are here. The Glock is reliable, has a track record, and is used for exactly this purpose all around the world.

Choosing Between Them: CZ P07 vs P01. So here we are. The CZ P-10 C optics-ready gun is designed for the Trijicon RMR and the Delta Point Pro. First, I’ve never really warmed up to Glocks. I am currently putting together a battle belt for defensive carbine classes. I obtained an OD Green P07 a little while back, after renting both a P07 and a P10C at a range. That being said I also have the CZ75 P01. This site and its community are a labor of love. It’s accurate, comfortable, and very durably built. After a year of use, I’m seeing a little bit of wear on the barrel itself, but still less than what I see on my well-used Beretta.

As of this writing, I have zero plans to replace this gun as my “one pistol.” It’s served me very well , and I think it’s only getting better with time. In short, despite the my initial impressions on the trigger, my actual performance with it seems to be pretty darn good. I have both P07 in .380 ACP and ,22L.R. If you want a Glock copy, it's easier to find holsters and magazines for actual Glocks.

The CZ P-10 C comes with a flat face trigger, which has less reach than a curved trigger and offers more control. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. A mid-sized 9mm pistol with a 15-round magazine capacity designed to compete with the … A lot of folks seemed to have bought it, liked it, sold it for something else, regretted it, and then bought another one.

In 2014, CZ applied those same adjustments to the P07 series.

The P07 is definitely a worthy contender, and I’m very happy with mine. To build on their name, CZ made considerable investments into their design and manufacturing capabilities, ultimately earned ISO 9001 certification in 1997. There are a few things I’ve noticed, and one is that the Glock doesn’t provide enough grip to the gun. If you click on the link and buy something, then I receive a small commission, typically 4% to 5% of the sale. It’s the pistol that you carry concealed, carry openly on your gear, compete with, and practice with. Learn how your comment data is processed. I was bound and determined to find one in the flesh and check it out first, and not order one sight unseen. I would bet they last a long long time. CZ P07 First Impressions.

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And while the G19 has been adopted by various military and law enforcement departments worldwide, responsibly armed citizens continue to sing the P-10 C's praises.

Next, I took an Appleseed 100 meter target and stuck it out at 25 yards to see what I could do. Which duty and carry holster did you decide on for the P-07? According to since-deleted press releases, the P01 reached 7 stoppages per 15,000 rounds for a failure rate of .05%, or a MRBF of 2142. I have a KT-Mech Akela mounted to a Tek-Lok so I can move it from my battle belt to duty belt as needed. The sights that come with stock Glocks are plastic and won’t stand up to wear, so most people swap them out straight away. I’m jealous of your PCR, though, I’d love to get a hold of one.

Hi Brad, from who are you waiting on for a FedEx sticker? My results on the MantisX bear this out. If you want to skip that part and go straight to the review, feel free by clicking here. Both compact pistols come with front and rear serrations, a Picatinny rail, ambidextrous slide locks, and a trigger with built-in safety. A very under rated pistol, and with the omega trigger system, little effort is needed to get a sweet trigger. Colonel turned private security contractor, carried a Sig P320 Compact on his belt throughout the four days. The pistol prints through most of my shirts unless I’m very careful.

Has a rail and I shoot it better than PCR!

The CZ really shines when you want to tinker. But so do two other pistols worth your attention: the Beretta PX4 Compact and HK P30.

But this aren’t the same tritium-powered night sights you’ve come to expect when you hear the phrase. CZ 75 Shadow SA DA is fitted with a redesigned hammer originating from the CZ 75 Champion.

Compact Pistol Showdown: Glock 19 vs CZ P-10 C, Both the Glock 19 (Gen 5) and the CZ P-10 C are designed to hold a standard 15 round magazine plus 1 round in the chamber and both are. However, I chose not to go that route for two reasons.

I’m glad you liked the review!

I love my Glocks, they've been reliable CCPs for decades, and out of all my guns it's my go-to when I just want a dependable friend.

You can see why the Glock 19 and M&P 2.0 are so popular for carry. Given its Glock-19 size, it works really well for that role. Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine gunner who served with 2nd Bn 2nd Marines for 5 years. However, it does look like they discontinued the .40 S&W model in 2018.

Putting those concerns aside, I mounted my MantisX to the pic rail and started squeezing off shots in dry fire mode. I bought a P-10c when that first came out . However, it lags behind other common carry options when it comes to weight and size. Sig does have my attention, though, and I plan on picking up something in the near future. Gain insights from pros, new content notifications, vendor discount alerts, and more!

Tangfolio’s entire Witness pistol series –, Field stripping 1350 times without showing wear or damage, Complete disassembly 150 times (all the way down to springs and pins), 100% interchangeability of parts between randomly selected pistols, Drop testing at 1.5 meters 154 times with the pistol loaded and hammer cocked, Drop testing from 3 meters with the pistol loaded and hammer cocked. Instead, these sights are treated with with luminescent paint that glows in the dark after light exposure. There actually used to be several Czech Armories producing weapons, so they the name of the town the factories resided in further distinguished them. I really regretted it and bought another P-07 OD. Awesome review! It’s my second CZ .

In regards to which is best, the CZ-P10 C or the Glock 19? With that in mind, they are still relatively easy to conceal in well-made, reliable holsters. Target acquisition is very easy and extremely fast!Only issue is edges are a little sharp, could be rounded off. The bottom line is that I think the CZ P07 is a great option in the DA/SA polymer market. It turns out that the P07 and P10c share the same magazine, which is a bonus. grecco, Jun 2, 2018. grecco, Jun 2, 2018.

The aggressive texture of the CZ grip can be slightly uncomfortable when it rubs against the body when carried IWB and bother shooters who have an exceptionally tight grip.

I call the redesigned P07 the Series 2. actually did a nice bit of history of what comes next, but I’ll hit the highlights for you. It’s a purpose-built pistol for year-round carry, open or concealed, and follows the same lines as the classic CZ-75 series. It included three backstraps, with the smallest already mounted on the pistol. + Newsletter+ New Content Alerts+ Deals and Sales. They then set about improving their designs for a new era. To my great surprise, the, My thoughts haven’t changed that much. While I think the P07 is a good option, definitely compare it side by side with other quality pistols to see how it fits your needs. As I came up in the gun world, I always had a distant relationship with CZ. The P01 represented the first big leap in design thinking. The OD Green P07 comes with tritium sights; I assume that modification is done at their Kansas City, Kansas facility. I did have two malfunctions during a single range session early on. Many things to like . I still want to have the slide milled for a. I am aware that the trigger return spring is a known weak point on this pistol, and folks expect to replace them every 10,000 trigger pulls. It’s downright utilitarian, though.

Home » Equipment » CZ P07 Review: The DA/SA Glock Replacement? , though. Of the three pistols in the safe at the time, my Beretta 92A1 was too large and my 1911 has feeding issues with JHP ammunition.

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