This particular agave plant grows in Jalisco, Mexico. The other variety of "worm" in mezcal is the larva of a weevil known as picudo del agave, Scyphophorus acupunctatus, the agave snout weevil, that infests certain species of yucca and maguey.
Others believe that it brings good fortune and strength to the lucky person who finds it in his or her glass.

You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, 77 Perfect Pasta Dinners That Couldn't Be Easier, 71 Ground Beef Recipes Your Life Is Missing. It is only in mezcal, a closely related beverage.[1]. The difference lays in three factors: the type of plant, the region that it comes from the production methods. The word mezcal comes from the Nahuatl mexcalli, which means “cooked agave”. edit: If you want to eat the mezcal worm in the mezcal bottle you chew then swallow. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. That is a long but worthy wait for an elixir that will take a few hours to be consumed! His first advice? For his part, Oviedo is pragmatic. For years, mezcal was considered a poor alternative to tequila. It adds nothing to the flavor of the liquor, most likely.

Which is how it ended up drowned in a bottle of mezcal. Depending on who you ask, the worm has the powers of an aphrodisiac, can make you hallucinate, or will make you look hella dope in front of your friends. For all the over-achievers out there, you can always find a bottle of scorpion mezcal (yes, you read that correctly). The red worm is typically considered tastier. When you buy mezcal, you have to look out for the following words in the bottle: When traditional mezcal makers, maestros mezcaleros, were approached by new companies to develop their product into something more marketable, differences between production methods began to be notices. It is a larva of a moth that live on the agave plant (which is used to produce mezcal). Not sure what to order? For all the over-achievers out there, you can always find a bottle of scorpion mezcal (yes, you read that correctly).
The worm in the bottom of mezcal has a very special purpose and you’ll never guess what it is. If the worm rots, then there’s not enough alcohol. Shake the mixture together. That is 61,320 days. According to Anthony Dias Blue's Complete Book of Spirits, that "worm" is actually a larva from one of two types of moths, known as maguey worms, that live on the agave plant. The worm, however, isn't actually a worm, but the larva of one of two different types of moths that live on the agave plant.

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