Another species, Carinotetraodon imitator is superficial in appearance to C. travancoricus, and is also a sporadic import.

Also known as the Red Bellied Puffer.

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Juveniles are difficult to sex correctly, but mature males have a clear dark line running lengthways over much of the ventral surface (underside), which females lack.

Many parts of the body of puffers contain the potentially deadly poison tetrodoxin. A species that needs to be taken in.

They are also aggressive towards their own kind, which is why it is best to keep these fish singly or as a compatible pair only.

Egg numbers tend to be very low, with most spawning events resulting in a yield of ten or less. If you have observed any courtship behaviour but can’t see any eggs try “hoovering” around potential spawning sites on a daily basis. It can be filtered gently with an air-powered filter, or even not at all provided small partial water changes are conducted regularly. The image used above is for illustration purposes only.

Once introduced, condition the group with a high quality diet including meaty frozen foods such as bloodworm and plenty of small snails. The water should be very soft and acidic, with the temperature set to the high end of the preferred range.

The healthy eggs should hatch in around 5 days and the fry will need another 2 or 3 days to consume their yolk sac, at which point they will start to become more active. Unlike many of its relatives, C. travancoricus has been successfully bred in aquaria on numerous occasions. Description. It’s cute looks, amusing personality and fascinating swimming action make it a justifiably popular import, although it’s all-too-often sold without the correct information needed for its long-term health and care. Apparently courtship begins with the male pursuing the female vigorously, often resorting to biting and nipping if she appears disinterested. Puffer fish are so called as they have the ability to inflate their elastic stomachs with water or air.

This species fares best in a heavily-planted setup, perhaps further decorated with twisted roots and branches to provide additional cover.

ePond Shop Two Asian freshwater puffers .

If they hatch, free swimming fry will almost certainly be preyed upon. The near-transparent eggs are tiny (~1mm in diameter), non-adhesive and will simply develop where they fall. A tank volume of 2-3 gallons per puffer is normally recommended. Dried foods are not usually accepted. Similarly, a few strands of moss from the spawning tank are a recommended addition. The male takes on the brood care, chasing away the female before commencing to fan the mildly adhesive eggs with his pectoral fins. United Kingdom, E-mail: carinotetraodon irrubesco for sale red eye puffers for sale red tail red eye puffer red tail red eye puffer for sale redtail red-eye puffer for sale click to vote now! As yet there is no known antitoxin and to humans it’s over 1000 times deadlier than cyanide. There are also reports (with varying degrees of success) of cohabitation with some of the freshwater shrimp species that have become so popular in the hobby in recent years.
This listing is based on a pre-order basis. Please click here to see the fish profile explaining the keeping and breeding conditions for this species. Feeding the tiny youngsters can be especially difficult; even newly hatched brineshrimp is too large for them, so other miniscule foods such as Cyclops nauplii must be sourced beforehand. The male will swim around the female in a lengthy and vigorous courtship ritual with his dorsal and ventral ridges erect. It can, however, be kept in pairs (one male, one female) provided that the aquarium is of a good size and is well-furnished with a large number of visual barriers in the form of rocky caves, driftwood, and areas of dense planting. Offering Carinotetraodon irrubesco (Red Tailed Redeye Puffer) – approximately 3 … 4 cm in size.The image used above is for illustration purposes only. Puffers are also one of the few fish that can actually blink or close their eyes. It’s also known as the Malabar puffer, in reference to the area of southern India that contains much of the species‘ natural range. Care. Please click here to see the fish profile explaining the keeping and breeding conditions for this species. We use cookies to help improve the experience you have on this site. Puffer fish are chubby yet cute looking fish that are found all over the world. As with other puffers, these grow continuously and become a problem for the fish if they’re not kept ground down. Aquarium filters which have been highly recommended by customers in your area can be found, To search for high quality aquarium heaters, click. March 20, 2019 Robert Freshwater Fish 5.

Male Carinotetraodon irrubesco can be immediately recognised by their red tails, ... All in all, not an ideal aquarium fish, despite the fact that it has proven to be quite hardy and easy to care for. Puffer flesh is regarded as a delicacy in Japan, where it’s known as fugu. Sexually mature females are often noticeably rounder in the body than males. You may also see him displaying at the female with his dorsal and ventral “crests”, his body appearing to be laterally compressed and less rounded. Take care if growing on fry of different ages together, ... Another species, Carinotetraodon imitator is superficial in appearance to C. travancoricus, and is also a sporadic import. Find Your Nearest Maidenhead Aquatics Store, Learn About Over 500 Species in Our Data Bank. If there are any questions you have then please get in touch before you place an order. Yet, if you didn’t separate the parents, you will fail in breeding freshwater puffer fishes.

Smaller Loricariids (particularly Otocinclus spp.) For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Glasgow, G46 8JT We combine the shipping cost if you order more fish or other goods. Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The Complete Freshwater Puffer Fish Care Guide The Complete Freshwater Puffer Fish Care Guide. Caledonia House The many species have peculiar and unique This is usually a response to some kind of threat, although in the aquarium many specimens appear to inflate themselves for no apparent reason. In some situations they can be extremely difficult to see.
The Red Eyed Puffer is known from slow-flowing rivers and standing freshwater habitats.

A possible geographical variant/subspecies/undescribed congener is sometimes available in which the darker markings on the body of the fish are more of a bluey-green colour. The eggs can be expected to hatch within 36-48 hours, and after a further 48 hours will become free-swimming. The fish often spawn on a daily basis though, so if you want to increase your potential simply use more females. Females tend to show a lacier pattern on the flanks. We offer free shipping. The drawbacks with leaving them under the (apparent, but unconfirmed) care of the male are that they may be eaten by other tank inhabitants, and it will be far more difficult to observe their development. Hard-shelled foods should be offered on a regular basis to help keep the beak in check. It should be fed small snails (shell on) regularly, in order to maintain its sharp teeth. This type of set-up will provide plenty of broken lines of sight (important to reduce aggression between individuals) and a varied habitat for these inquisitive fish to explore. This sequence may be repeated several times, until the female is spent of eggs. Puffer fish are so called as they have the ability to inflate their elastic stomachs with water or air.

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