Given how much this costs and how short-term the weight loss is likely to be, I suggest looking into finding activities for your child that they actually want to do and it may not involve physical activity. Everyone remembers having so much fun and such a positive experience.I know I'm talking about 30 years ago but the camp is still open, run by the same family, and has expanded into other areas of the country and for older age groups. She said they were offering horseback riding but that she was told she couldn't participate because she wasn't signed up. I sent my 9 year old for a 2 week session. Please please do not make the same mistake my husband and I made when our ten year old asked us to send her. Yet another item that was given to the Director upon arrival.

There was garbage everywhere. Grade by grade, what does my child need to know? WARNING WARNING WARNING DO NOT GO HERE! The owner of this camp is also pretty racist. Do not send your child here if you have an regard for their lifeMessage me and I will call you and tell you my story! To celebrate and share information on the many splendid artistic, cultural and recreational activities available to residents of cities across the US and Canada.

I met some of the greatest people I've had the privilege of knowing that summer, and I remain best friends with numerous. Box 1809 Castroville, TX 78009, Win a Family 4-Pack of Passes for DOLITTLE. That can't be a negative thing, right???? Specifically those of whom were very fit and "in shape".

Family run since 1968. I had the worst school year of my life, I came home crying everyday after being bullied for my size, and my mother tried all she could to help me. We don’t make being overweight a bigger problem than it is. ?With all the chaos and my daughters being given her phone in order to have unfettered contact with me because she was feeling bullied and in distress, so much so the counselor gave her her phone, I picked my daughter up a week early. They were unreliable, irresponsible, and disrespectful.

She met tons of friends, learned a lot about nutrition and her issues with eating, she got to try a ton of different types of sports and exercise classes and overall had a life changing experience.

But as the year before we relied on real mail which my daughter preferred anyway it was a non issue. That may seem counter intuitive but if the child is eating because they think they are stupid and useless, and they develop a skill and see their parents are supporting them, you may be eliminating one of the reasons they eat. I promise, you won't regret it!

The camp director was very responsive to all communication which I am thankful for. There is just no magic to this. If I could give less than one star, I would. When I called I spoke with Miranda, who reached out to the floor counselor.

My parents sent me to Camp Shane a number of years ago. I was not on the weight loss plan but my sister and brother had both attended as campers and were always successful at losing the weight. Known for helping adolescents reach their weight loss goals while developing healthy habits, this summer retreat is perfect for those struggling with their weight. My daughter sure did! walks out of camp a more confident, self assured, healthier person. There were ups and downs but I made friends that I still talk to today! No one ever called me, except for my daughter! As a supervisor, I found Camp Shane to be a place to have FUN, a safe place, and a comfortable atmosphere. I do not have one positive thing to say. The facilities were lousy, the camp had staffing problems, the food was inedible, there was a thriving black market, and the staff were largely untrained. He made many friends in both campers and counselors alike. We really care about each other.

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