Gregory Peck Viking Warrior Woman John The Skinner The Lady In The Lake La Casa Del Gringo Loco 27 Club Eddie Leonski Haunted New York February 2019 Prehistoric Discovery Child Mummies Haunted Muncaster Castle Voodoo Priestess USS Dash Spirits Of The Somme October 2019 I’ve compiled LA’s 10 most haunted hot spots for you. Ghost Bride Mysterious Places Ghost Stories Gaslight Mystery Mysterious Letter Macauliffe Murder Andrew Pixley Bill Medley Murder House Elemental Demons Julie Mott Haunted Jail Coptic Christians Dia De Los Muertos Sea Monster Sacrificial Cenote Secret Demon January 2020 In 1886 he travelled to Asheville with his mother fell in love with the mountains and the town. Exorcism Ghosts Of Paris Mitrochrondrial Study Joseph James DeAngelo Charlotte takes measures to protect her herd from predators. Whether the Biltmore Hotel Providence is haunted or not is a question asked by many. Mothman Slave Basement Necromancy Poltergeist The Biltmore is one of my #1 interests and it’s my dream to go. The glamorous and grandeur Millennium Biltmore Hotel is an impressive building with an even more impressive paranormal track record. Giant Sturgeon Homer Lemay St Aubin Street Massacre Haunted Miami Beach But some visitors to the Biltmore House have seen even stranger things. Haunted Maine Amityville House Solar Minimum Venetian Secret Mailboxes HAARP Just a year before its closure, the Biltmore’s haunted history paid off when it hosted the first annual TAPSCON festival, the official fan convention for SyFy’s popular reality show Ghost Hunters, an event that supposedly saw almost a dozen camera broken by Robert the Haunted Doll. Vannacutt Institute For The Criminally Insane Demonic Merchandise Edmond Lemay Skinwalker Ranch Carl WIckland Jumping From Plane Anthropology Jane Seymour Wayne Nance That is crazy to hear! Barnabas Collins Whitnei Dubois Strange Story I’m super flattered too. Yesenia Funes Beatriz Machado There have even been reports of the sounds of splashing coming from the estate's now-empty swimming pool. Ann Heyward Ghost Thinking something with a little yard would be nice, he purchased 125,000 acres and called in the shovels. Stewart's Castle Haiti Hotel Del Salto Yvonne Weber Wendigo T. D. Gibson Billy Hoag Richmond Naval Base Amy Billig Geoglyphs Paris Catacombs Spanish Flu Lost Cemetery Historical Mysteries Cursed Family September 2019 Reet Jurvetson Walburga Oesterreich Bat Creature Dutch Magic Ghost Of Ann Murphy Ghostly Relatives Big John's Ghost Though the Black Dahlia is the most famous ghost to roam the Millennium Biltmore Hotel’s halls, she is not the only one. Devil's Punchbowl Epidemics Haunted Miami Prison Artificial Intelligence Decapitation Murder Cecil Demille Priest Field Mexican Cartel Hitwoman Lykaion Vampires Club NY Mummy Female Serial Killer Michael Maginot Neolithic Burial Martha Peterson Haunted Homestead Demonic Possession Chaac I enjoyed my stay here, but didn’t personally have any paranormal experiences. Raymond Robinson The hotel certainly has some strange stories connected with it as well as inspiring some very noteworthy ones. Vampire May 2018 Change ). Philadelphia Old City Also involved were a governor, a mayor and a cardinal, involved with the drowning of an eleven-year-old prostitute in the bathtub.

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