Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The droidsmith Babu Frik was an Anzellan. Babu Frik serait […] Frik is an incredibly tiny little alien, and he has a visor that can be raised or lowered over his eyes. Lego Star Wars Special 2 - Duration: 14:26. Change ), the reference photos that leaked way back in February by JediPaxis on Reddit, J.J. Abrams confirms the reason why Kylo Ren wears his cracked mask in The Rise of Skywalker. Il répondit ensuite à l’appel de Lando Calrissian lorsque ce dernier cherchait à rassembler une flotte de combat hétéroclite pour porter assistance à la Résistance. He is an accessory to the C-3PO Black Series figure – a figure that itself is intriguing because of 3PO wearing Chewbacca’s bandolier. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. [Générations Star Wars 2021] Les dates annoncées ! C-3PO can’t initially read it, but the heroes find Zorri Bliss, who introduces them to Babu Frik, who can hack 3PO’s memory and allow the droid to read the ancient language. The first of these characters is an alien named Boolio. Aucun commentaire disponible pour le moment... -  Une escapade dans une Galaxie lointaine, très lointaine. Basically, it goes like this: our heroes retrieve a Sith dagger that is supposedly very significant to the plot of the film and the backstory of Rey, and it has Sith writing on it. New image of Babu Frik from The Rise of Skywalker released! But what could his role be? According to these reports, this whole scene with 3PO will be one of the most emotional moments in the entire movie. But this actually isn’t our first look at him. ( Log Out /  En l’an +35, Zorii Bliss amena à Babu les membres de la Résistances, Le droïde de protocole put néanmoins révéler ce qu’il avait appris sur le poignard : la localisation de l’Orienteur, un objet qui révélerait la cachette de l’Empereur, Les symétries visuelles entre les trilogies, Quand les films s'inspirent de l'Univers Etendu, Les nouvelles : les autres récits de l'UE, Les Secrets de la Crise de la Flotte Noire, La Haute République - Le projet Luminous, Aide de jeu : Le guide de référence du Jedi (systèmes D6 & D20), Dossier TCG : les séries virtuelles par IDC, Les créations de fans dans la continuité, Galaxy's Edge, tout sur les Star Wars lands, [Concours] Gagnez un jeu Unlock! Ok, so Making Star Wars’s Jason Ward and JediPaxis at the StarWarsLeaks subreddit have both reported on the scene that seems to be where Frik appears in the film – and it’s also the explanation for why we see C-3PO with the red eyes in the latest TROS sizzle reel.

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