Weapon(s) 160cm (5'3) (including boots) Weather's sure nice today, though. !

4S in the side quest: 9S's hacking ability persists after remote controlling a foe. After that mission he and 2B get deployed to assist the resistance forces on the planet. He was sent to Earth to fight against the Machines during the 14th Machine War. Kainé goes to leave but is stopped by Nier, asking if she wanted to stay with them. When you are in control of  a hacked enemy, other machines will not notice you unless you attack them. *SPOILERS*. When he is down to his last lifebar, he will pummel player characters with a powerful debuff attack. 9S is one of the main protagonists of NieR: Automata. Around his neck is a choker. During the setting menu tutorial, 2B has a chance to tell him that "there is something calming" about his voice. YoRHa During the fight with the second Shadowlord, he is named "Precious Person" but changes to "Treasured Person" when Emil realizes the truth. See also: The Stone Flower Emil is a young, kind hearted boy who lives in the old mansion on the southern plains, tended to by his butler, Sebastian. his close combat skills are so lame and weak that it's rediculously dumb to even try to kill something with normal weapons. The number of pods accompanying an android is three (Pod A, Pod B and Pod C).

YoRHa No.9 Type S (Scanner) or 9S is the protagonist of Branches B and D in NieR:Automata, as well as one of the main antagonists and final boss of Branch C. 9S is a scanner type android who served during the 14th Machine War. 9S was striking resembling to Ken Kaneki, the protagonist from Tokyo Ghoul.

9S watches from afar, staring in horror as 2B is stabbed in the abdomen by A2. Arcana for Boy Nier can be purchased for 300 magical crystals per level. He seems concerned about her well-being but is happy to see her smiling. This is 9S. Despite this, he has a habit of complaining when doing jobs for the Resistance, wondering if they think of him and 2B as just "gofers." Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Although he doesn't know where he is or why the Shades still exist, Nier continues to make her safety his number one priority. Soon Grimoire Weiss, after losing his body, uses the last of his strength to speak. Attack Potency: Large Town level+ (Can do battle with Engels, which are this strong, and Eve, who can easily cause a cave collapse with a yell), Mountain level with Black Box detonation (should be comparable to this. 2B and 9S are forced to detonate their black boxes in order to destroy the Engels, but their fates are left unknown. The story begins 1,358 years after the events of Drakengard, where a boy named Nier and his only sister, Yonah, has succumbed to a violent cough and must remain in bed while he searches for a cure. Artwork of Nier in the first part of the game. Profile Data Friends/Allies Throughout the game, he is shown to be polite and friendly towards 2B, initially addressing her as "ma'am" as she is his superior, though he starts calling her by name when she tells him to. A fight ensues, leading to 9S joining the fight, only to be slammed off his flight unit by the Engels unit that had finally emerged. Only 9S can hack into digitally locked chests, so he is the only character that can unlock the first secret boss battle. NOTE, you cannot fully fly if you manage to take control of the Small or Medium flyers; the Jump button makes them slowly hover upward but it has a max height limit only slightly higher than an Android's double jump, at which point it will just drop down at full speed and can't be repeated in midair.

It is heavily implied that throughout his time working with 2B, he has developed romantic feelings for her. Ending A: Call Her Back (Taken from the Official Nier Automata World Guide). It is unknown what battles he participated in before the events of the game. Defense Chips prodive various ways of improving an androids defensive capabilities. but hey at least the plot was good.. Am I to assume that all Type S models are support models?

Additionally it can scan the surroundings and observe and analyze opponents. The player is then given a choice to write their characters name. 9S has a wide variety of weapons at his disposal. A2's and 2B's playtime was way too short. His mind soon regresses and he turns into an inconsolable Shadowlord before Emil.

- It can use special pod programs to achieve various different effects. Throughout the game, he is shown to be polite and friendly towards 2B, initially addressing her as "ma'am" as she is his superior, though he starts calling her by name when she tells him to. Parts of his adult outfit can be collected for the "Nameless Youth" equipment set.

The Pods are capable of flight and are extremely useful in combat in various ways: - The pod can provide information. I’ll be with you before long.

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