However, this has been argued against due to the impracticality of having a single-shot gun for aircraft defense. Numerous parts were made from aluminum to help save on weight. Source:Wikimedia Another user of the Boys was the Republic of China. It fared very well against the Italian tanks. Facsimile reprint by Naval and Military Press 2005. Notice the muzzle brake and bipod. These arrived in January 1940 and 30 were given to the Swedish Volunteer Corps and the other 70 deployed on the Karelian Isthmus. A Boys Mk.1. Cairo, Illinois, stands on the grounds of the Old Customs House. The other advantage was it was of simple design and didn’t require a lot of maintenance, unlike the original brake, that needed dissembling and oiling when not in use. While its usefulness on the European Front was waning, on the Far Eastern front it remained relevant. It remained in service with British and Commonwealth forces in the inter-war period and in frontline service with British and South African batteries until 1942 being superseded by the BL 4.5 inch Medium Gun. Neall knocked out three Italian tanks with his Boyes anti-tank rifle, a feat that astounded everyone —the Boyes rifle was noted for its uselessness.” However, due to the lack of a German tank threat, with those that did appear easily dealt with by artillery or other means, no further development past prototype stage was taken. Even during the more conventional warfare on the Karelian Isthmus, the Boys performed well as a long-range sniping weapon, being accurate up to long ranges. Some of these Communist Chinese Boys are suspected to have been sold to Congolese rebels during the Congo Crisis in 1964-65. Carriages were first the Mk IVR carriage that had wooden wheels and solid rubber tyres and later the Mk IVP carriage had metal wheels, pneumatic tyres and appropriate brakes. It used the Mk 1* as a base but shortened the barrel to only 762 mm and got rid of the muzzle break. These were then given to special sniper teams to effectively engaged Chinese and North Korean forces up to 1100 yards away (1005 meters). History. By the end of 1943, when the weapon ceased production, a total of 114,081 Boys of all marks had been produced. Some were also sold to the Republic of Ireland to help supplement their military forces during the Second World War (known as the Emergency) but, like many other smaller forces, their distribution is unknown. Unfortunately, Captain Boys died only days before and so the rifle was renamed Boys in his honor. The following year a second brigade was formed from three more RGA companies. Ian Skennerton mentions in his book, “The Lee-Enfield Story”, that a smoothbore 13.2mm Boys was tested in mid-1945 and it is theorised that it was for testing a sabot round. After the First World War they equipped medium brigades, later regiments. Gun of Red Army captured by Polish soldiers during Polish-Soviet War. War Office, Small Arms Training Volume I, Pamphlet No. It was a rectangular block with the rear-ward slanting gas vents directed horizontally either side. Recoil system was below the barrel and used a hydraulic buffer with a hydro-pneumatic recuperator to return the barrel to its firing position. It was used as an anti-tank gun on its own carriage, as well as equipping a number of British tanks. The long range and heavy punch of the Boys allowed this. It was during the production here that the engineer team took it upon themselves to make some modifications. It fired a separate round (i.e. Its primary purpose was to incapacitate an armored vehicle so it may be dealt with by more specialised anti-tank weapons or even infantry borne explosives. the breech moved towards the end of the trail) when traveling. During the Interim Peace (1940-41), the Finns acquired another 100 Boys from the British and bought 200 more from the Germans (who had captured a large amount from retreating forces during the Battle of France). It has been theorized that it came about as a result of US Army testing with the Solothurn S 18-1000. A Universal Carrier armed with a Boys in Soviet service. Disney was commissioned by the Canadian Directorate of Military Training, the Canadian Department of National Defence and the National Film Board of Canada to produce an animated and live action educational film on the proper use and handling of the Boys. The United Kingdom offered to donate 100 of its Boys to the Finnish cause. Despite this, it still earned a horrible reputation, earning many nicknames like ‘Elephant Gun’ or ‘Charlie the Bastard’. The effective use of modern heavy field guns by the Boers during the Second Boer War (1899–1902) was a revelation to armies in Europe including the British. Taking up the Platoon’s Boys, which he had never used before, Sheppard fired three rounds into each tank, knocking out two of them and making the rest third retreat. One was set on fire soon after landing, the other attempted to take off but was so riddled with Boys rounds that no sooner had it left the water than it plunged back in, breaking up. A Boys Mk.1. Total wartime production was 1773 guns (i.e. Source: Source: Your email address will not be published. You can see the unique Boys monopod. The Ordnance Quick-Firing 17-pounder (or just 17-pdr) was a 76.2 mm (3 inch) gun developed by the United Kingdom during World War II. This became the Mk III carriage, or Mk II* for converted Mk II carriages. The work was led by Captain Henry C. Boys, Assistant Superintendent of Design at the Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield. It was designed for both horse draft and mechanical traction and served throughout the First World War in the main theatres. It was a weapon that could, when in the right hands, perform well. United States. The bullet was 926 gr. However, how many and how they were used is indeterminable. One of the last uses of the Boys came from the Americans. Zaloga, Steven J. , The Anti-Tank Rifle, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2018 The men of the 1/14th Punjabi Regiment, British Indian Army used their Boys to knock out several Japanese tanks and blunt the assault against their positions in Malaya 1942. This didn’t mean it wasn’t useful though. The Boys Anti-Tank Rifle was part of Britain’s interwar development of weapons designed to take on tanks. The dangerous noise level emitted from the gun was recognised by those higher up and regulations stipulated that the weapon must not be fired without ear protection (the first weapon of the British army with mandatory ear protection). Field Army Artillery. While the Boys gained a much-undeserved reputation, when one looks at its combat records, it speaks for itself. The ammunition supply in the autoloader consisted of 21 rounds, held in five racks of unequal length, plus two additional rounds in the feedway. This was replaced by the No 3 carrier for the No 7 dial sight. At the time the gun was developed it was traditional British practice to designate field guns according to approximate weight of their standard projectile. On the other side for the 56 lb shell (15,200 yards).[17]. By the outbreak of war in 1914 41 guns had been produced, 13 being in Canada and India. Soon afterwards it was decided that it would be deployed as a section level weapon. From this influence they built, like many other anti-tank rifles of the time, a large-scale bolt action rifle. Chemical shells were used with 60 pounder but not smoke or incendiary. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The most famous use came during the Raid on Makin Island.

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