Keeping up with the Alpha Generation has even seasoned parents on their toes! As a millennial parent, your ‘Gen Net’ baby must be growing up fast and at this young age, it is never too early to start imparting life lessons to your child.

Introducing your child to sports is a good and fun way to instill discipline, increase focus, build confidence, develop social skills and improve health. Swimming, for instance, is a low-impact sport which can have high impact results. Early swimmers are known to perform better later in life, not only do they learn a lifelong skill they would also learn to swim, literally and metaphorically, in today’s digitally distracted world. Here are 5 reasons why your child must learn swimming at an early age:

1. It helps build confidence and trust – Swimming offers children with a challenge, and an opportunity to overcome it in a new environment. The sense of accomplishment experienced at an early age helps in building self-confidence. It innately provides your child with an assurance and an attitude to take on new challenges today and in the future.

2. It helps build social skills – Learning to swim requires your child to learn about trust and bonding. Your child will learn how to trust their instincts in water, to trust their coach to guide them and to bond with swimming partners such as parents, siblings, and friends. While swimming is fun, it inherently imparts social skills that would be useful for your child later in life.

3. It encourages teamwork – By learning to swim, your child would be able to learn the dynamics of working in a group. It also teaches the essence of bonding with a different type of people which would help them later in life when they need to work in teams.

4. It teaches a life skill – Swimming like cycling, it is a skill that none can undo or forget. Once you have learnt it, you will possess a lifelong skill. Teaching a skill like swimming can be beneficial to your child in many situations in the future, whether in the context of their safety, a career choice or to add a fun activity to their vacations.

5. It is a low-impact, high result sport – Swimming is a great exercise to keep your child fit and healthy. According to industry reports, 14.4 million children in India are obese. To make a change to this hard stat, getting your child out of the house and into the swimming pool is a great workout you can offer your child.

For children who are 3 years and older, there are swimming courses in India that teach basic water skills and conduct personalized training. Suitable pre-beginner courses do not require the involvement of the parent and aim to enable participants to challenge themselves by trying new things. Children can benefit from the dynamics of a small group and can build confidence while improving their comfort levels in water, through this course.

Moreover, swimming like most other sports is a good way to get your child on a digital detox diet and minimize screen time. After all, despite the tech-savvy, fast-paced mannerisms of the Alpha Generation, it falls upon you as parents to nurture your child and enable them to inculcate habits which will usher them through their lives. Enroll your child for a swimming course today! 5 Reasons your child should learn to swim at an early age