Programs & Curriculum


  • LEVEL IGet Wet
  • LEVEL IIPre-Beginner
  • LEVEL IIIBeginner
  • LEVEL IVAdvanced Beginner
  • LEVEL VIntermediate

Get Wet [Level I]

Get Wet is a parent and child class for participants three years of age and younger.


While focusing on water comfort, games, and relaxing in a warm water environment, parents are encouraged to challenge each child’s skills and level of comfort in the water. Continually under the guidance of a competent instructor, the emphasis in Get Wet is on fun in the water!
As young participants in Get Wet, swimmers will experience and understand the buoyancy and balance and breath control that will help them throughout the rest of the Learn To Swim Program.

GOAL: Get acquainted with the water through games and other fun activities.

Pre-Beginner [Level II]

Pre-Beginner is our first class without parental involvement.


Participants must have reached the age of three to enroll in this level. At this age we feel that participants will benefit from the dynamics of a small group and a caring , competent instructor. Participants will be asked to challenge themselves by trying new things.
The emphasis in Pre-Beginner is on basic water skills such as assisted and unassisted floating, blowing bubbles and retrieving items from the bottom of a shallow (3 foot) area. Listening to instructions and working within a group are stressed along with important water safety lessons. Pre-Beginner includes activities that build confidence while increasing the child’s comfort and feel for the water. Finally, participants will become comfortable swimming under the water.
Pre-Beginner has two age divisions; the skills covered in the two divisions are identical.

GOAL: To become comfortable in water and be able to totally submerge without hesitation.

Beginner [Level III]

In Beginner, participants are comfortable in the water, able to completely submerge, and can float on their front and back.


The emphasis in Beginner is on development of confidence and feel for the water. Participants remain in the Beginner level until they are swimming freestyle and demonstrating rotary breathing. It is anticipated that participants will remain in this level for multiple sessions, as the skills to be mastered are quite broad and varied.
Beginner has two age divisions; the skills covered in the two divisions are identical.

GOAL: Learn how to swim freestyle in a relaxed manner exhibiting an ability to demonstrate rotary breathing.

Advanced Beginner [Level IV]

In Advanced Beginner, freestyle skills are honed and other competitive strokes are introduced and taught. This class is prmarily taught in deep water.


The emphasis in Advanced Beginner is on solidifying competent and comfortable, relaxed breathing. Freestyle and backstroke will be emphasized. Butterfly and breast stroke will be introduced. To begin in an Advanced Beginner class participants should be able to demonstrate rotary breathing, have mastered the air exchange process.We will work to improve Breath Control, Buoyancy, Balance, and Body Position.
Advanced Beginner has two age divisions; the skills covered in the two divisions are identical.

GOAL: To be able to take care of yourself in water.

Intermediate [Level V]

Intermediate is the highest level of small group instruction.


Intermediate swimmers can swim for a distance unaided. Additionally, these swimmers demonstrate comfortable rotary breathing with freestyle, a competent backstroke, and a feel for the water. The fundamentals of breastroke and butterfly are reinforced. These participants will work to improve their skills so they can swim several laps of each stroke with confidence.

GOAL: To be able to take the skills you have and push them forward to become strong swimmers.